RAMS Documents

The latest RAMS membership application is available here.

Be sure you know the club rules, bylaws and AMA rules...

RAMS Rules

RAMS Bylaws

AMA Rules

AMA Safety Code

If you are just getting started in R/C flight, click here to see our Resources for New Pilots!

Here's another intro to R/C article.

Here's an excellent article from Joe Horvath on setting up your aircraft: aircraft-setup.pdf

Be sure to visit our Projects page for all the latest creations from the RAMS Skunkworks! Projects page.

If you need to know how to make a candy drop box, try this.

Here's an AMA article on LiPo Battery Safety and another from Thunder Power Batteries.

...And an article on engine tuning

A short article on the Wright Flyer.

Larry Harris wrote an excellent article on RAMS history.