Raleigh Aeromasters News & Events

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  • Latest RAMS Updates from Dr. Joey.
  • RAMS CLUB MEETING: Sept 2nd, 3:00 PM at RAMS Field
  • UNPLANNED COOKOUT: Sept 2nd, 12:00 PM at RAMS Field
  • Wings Over Springs Electric Fly In and Swap Meet 1 September 2018 - Gates open at 8AM!! Website
  • NALL IN THE FALL: Sept 24th-30th. Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, SC Website
  • Registration is open.
  • The RAMS Club has a 50 member limit. Those wanting to join RAMS are advised to inquire if there are positions available.

Safety Notices

PLEASE avoid flying over farm crews and equipment!
Check your FAILSAFE settings! This is a very important safety item. Check your R/C transmitter and/or receiver manual for details.
Good Neighbor Policy: hunting season noise restrictions are over - no gas/nitro or loud electric flying after dark or before 9:00 am. Large gas motors must have canister muffler(s).
Flight patterns: The flight pattern follows the landing approach. If the landings are right to left then the pattern in clockwise (a full lap is all right turns). If the landings are left to right then the pattern is counter-clockwise (a full lap is all left turns). If there is no wind, communicate with other pilots to establish the pattern.
Aerobatic maneuvers should be performed over the grass area of the outfield away from the flight path over the runway. Once the maneuver is completed re-enter the pattern.
ALL pilots must fly from within the pilot stands, including helicopter pilots. Only four pilots may fly at the same time.
Do NOT start nitro or gasoline engines in the spectator areas. Only start nitrol and gas engines on the runway side of the fence.
Notify pilots if you have to step onto the runway for any reason! Simply yell "runway!" You don't want to be hit by a landing plane.
Keep the runway clear of aircraft. Don't make adjustments to your aircraft on the runway. Remove non-functional aircraft from the runway as soon as it is safe to do so.
Always announce your intentions during flight when multiple pilots are flying or preparing to fly. If you are landing or taking off, yell "landing" or "taking off" so that other pilots will clear the runway for you.
Smoking restrictions are enforced. There are many flammable materials in the areas around the runway, including the spectator and parking areas. Please observe smoking signage.
Helicopter flight is permitted only when fixed-wing aircraft are not flying. RAMS is a fixed-wing aircraft field, but we do allow restricted helicopter flight. Please speak to a RAMS officer before fly your helicopter at RAMS field the first time to familiarize yourself with the helicopter rules.
LiPo batteries can be dangerous! They can burst into flames unexpectedly, especially during charging. Many retailers sell cheap, but effective LiPo charging safety bags and metal military ammo cans make good storage containers for LiPo batteries. Ammo cans can be obtained from most military surplus stores.
A medical emergency at the field is serious business. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and information in the event of an airfield accident.

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