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Foamy Group Pic

Here are the plans to the Sterling PT-17 kit that Peter Johnson has:

Check out the Pringles can planes some RAMS members made! Youtube video for the 1st Annual Pringles Can Build-Off.

Did you know that RAMS now has a couple of celebrities? Thanks to Joe Schodt's engineering genius and Dr. Joey's good looks, we have earned a spot on a Flite Test video, where they fly a couple of our RAMS special recipe foamy Stearman bipes! Click here to see the Flite Test video. We also have the updated design plans for the RAMS Stearman here.

Combat foamy information

Bloody Wonder Speed Build kit is available from the Flite Test store

Mike Lang's Delta plans, update.

Joe Schodt's Extra 300

Plans for this airframe are available in tiled format for printing on a home printer or untiled for printing at a print shop. Click here for the untiled plans and here for the tiled plans.

Chicken Hawk, which can be modified to "Buzzard"

Stearman profile bipe

6mmflyrc website--contains F22 plans and instructions which can be modified for combat and pylon racer, free and for sale plans

P-38 profile plan, can be modified to pylon racer

Twin-engine cargo plane

Dr. Joey's F4D Skyray